Established in January 1999, the Logistics Corporation of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (referred to as Logistics Centre hereinafter) is amongst the earliest formed professional service institutions following the Logistics Socialization Reform.
During her development in 15 years, Logistics Centre has fundamentally built up the management system and operation structure that comply with university standards. With 10 years’ enduring effort in constructing an ISO9001 International Quality Management System, Logistics Centre has gradually transformed her role from a traditional provision guarantor into a modern logistics servicer who is remarkably featured by “People Oriented, Security First, Details Focused, Laws Conformed, and Serve with Love”.
Logistics Centre currently maintains over 500 staff. As per Logistics Socialization Movement in universities and subject to the principle of “being justifiable of what to do and what not to do”, Logistics Centre has generally undertaken and ensured about 65% of the provision duty for our school.
Sticking closely to the advancing direction as well as led by the Constitution of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics whose niche is a “High-Level, Research-oriented, Finance-and-Economics-featured” university, Logistics Centre is doing her best to provide safe, superior, and efficient supplying services to serve SUFE who is targeting to build a modern, international, and informationized first-class socialistic university.